Low Cement Stock for Miri and Sibu

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

According to CMS Cement Sdn Bhd’s letter to SHEDA on 17th July 2012, there shall be low cement stock supply to Miri and Sibu market within these two weeks until the end of July 2012 due to low production of Kuching’s plant affected by the interruption of their raw material supply.

They are expecting arrival of their second import cement vessel from Vietnam by 24th July 2012 in Bintulu and Tg. Manis with a total quantity of 12,000 MT (bag cement) provided weather permit. This will followed by another 6,500 MT (expected to arrive in 1st week of August 2012 in Tg. Manis).

All these import cement would be distributed to mostly Sibu and Miri to overcome and alleviate these shortage.

Meanwhile, Miri and Sibu are still continuously supplied by the stock transferred from Kuchinga and Bintulu albeit low volume due to low production.

CMS Cement Sdn Bhd is also importing 60,000 MT bulk cement to accelerate the building-up their buffer stock. The source of their bulk cement supply is stull under process by CIDB and 1st shipment purported to arrive in mid August 2012.

Their clinker plant upgrading had been completed and expected to start its production by 23rd July 2012.

Source: Letter to SHEDA (ref: CMSC/MKT/LOW053/2012)