The logo of the Association shall be against a black background and in the form of two (2) square consisting of thirteen (13) tapering elements, overlapping and merging in the centre to form another square. The top right hand square is coloured red whereas the bottom left and square is coloured silver. The acronym SHEDA in TIMES NEW ROMAN (Condensed Bold) Font appears between the two (2) squares and a silver line. The letters “SARAWAK HOUSING AND REAL ESTATE DEVELOPERS’ ASSOCIATION” in silver appears at the bottom separated from the acronym SHEDA by the silver line. Until amended or varied the facsimile below shall remain the logo of Association.



The Objectives of the Association are:

  • To promote and co-ordinate throughout the state of Sarawak the development of land and Construction of buildings for residential, commercial, industrial and related purposes by Members with a view towards contributing effectively to the economic development of the state, towards providing housing and assisting the proper development of buildings for commercial, industrial and residential proposes in a pleasant environment, towards assisting the Government and its agencies; towards securing proper and planned development of land for the purposes specified above; towards assisting the proper distribution of units of the aforementioned categories and towards assisting the creation of better and wider employment opportunities in the buildings industry.
  • To promote measures aimed at improving the techniques and methods in the development and of land building construction by Members throughout the state;
  • Establish a communication link between developers and the government or relevant authorities in matters affecting the industry generally;
  • Provide an environment for continuous discussion, dialogues, and consultation with the Government or Government Authorities on issue of mutual interest, and among Members for the purpose of charting a common direction in matters affecting their interest;
  • Establish association or affiliation with other organisations in Malaysia having similar aims objectives.
  • To assist, aid or make donations towards any charitable, research or educational purpose
  • Establish norms or standard or standard of practice, conduct and ethics for the industry with a view to provide the impetus for self-regulation; and
  • Collect the disseminate information which may be of general interest to Members.